A List of 20 Popular Staten Island Auto Insurance Companies

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Company name: DCAP Insurance
Google maps rating: 5
Address: 1440 Forest Ave
Contact phone: +1 718-981-3227
Website: https://dcapinsurance.com/
Company name: 5Boroughs Insurance Agency
Google maps rating: 4.9
Address: 1110 South Ave
Contact phone: +1 718-766-8121
Website: https://www.fiveboroughsins.com/
Company name: Alpha Omega Coverage Corp
Google maps rating: 5
Address: 1253 Richmond Ave
Contact phone: +1 718-494-4440
Website: https://www.insuresi.com/
Company name: DMAS Insurance
Google maps rating: 5
Address: 1132 Forest Ave
Contact phone: +1 718-981-0700
Website: https://www.dmasgroup.com/
Company name: Glen Mancuso: Allstate Insurance
Google maps rating: 2.6
Address: 60 Bay St
Contact phone: +1 718-420-9200
Website: https://agents.allstate.com/glen-mancuso-staten-island-ny.html
Company name: RPM Insurance Agency
Google maps rating: 3.8
Address: 201 Edward Curry Ave
Contact phone: +1 718-761-8900
Website: https://www.rpminsurance.com/
Company name: Farmers Insurance: Staten Island NY
Google maps rating: No reviews
Address: Winfield Ave
Contact phone: +1 718-285-6742
Website: http://www.farmers.com/
Company name: W.H. Roth & Co. Inc.
Google maps rating: 4
Address: 1775 South Ave
Contact phone: +1 718-494-4500
Website: https://www.rothins.com/
Company name: Maurizio Sgroi: Allstate Insurance
Google maps rating: 4.8
Address: 1277 Clove Rd
Contact phone: +1 718-442-2100
Website: https://agents.allstate.com/maurizio-sgroi-staten-island-ny.html
Company name: Nationwide Insurance: Lopinto Insurance Agency Ltd.
Google maps rating: 3.5
Address: 509 Forest Ave
Contact phone: +1 718-981-6223
Website: https://agency.nationwide.com/ny/staten-island/10310/lopinto-insurance-agency-ltd
Company name: Eliot Leibowitz, Insurance Broker
Google maps rating: 4.2
Address: 404 Bay St
Contact phone: +1 718-720-4630
Company name: Allen C Bentson Agency Inc
Google maps rating: 5
Address: 653 Forest Ave
Contact phone: +1 718-442-1771
Website: https://www.bentsoninsurance.net/
Company name: Affordable Insurance Services
Google maps rating: 3
Address: 515 Morningstar Rd
Contact phone: +1 718-447-1444
Website: http://nycinsurances.com/
Company name: Thomas Kevin Kowalski: Allstate Insurance
Google maps rating: 4.4
Address: 1140 Bay St Ste C
Contact phone: +1 718-273-2000
Website: https://agents.allstate.com/thomas-kevin-kowalski-staten-island-ny.html
Company name: Life Insurance Staten Island
Google maps rating: 5
Address: 1 Edgewater St suite 1102C
Contact phone: +1 646-647-8838
Website: https://rpkinsurance.com/
Company name: Allstate Insurance Agent: Rob Chowdhury
Google maps rating: 5
Address: 2031 Forest Ave #8
Contact phone: +1 718-816-8600
Company name: State Farm: Terry Monroe
Google maps rating: 4.8
Address: 3135 Victory Blvd
Contact phone: +1 718-761-4310
Website: https://www.statefarm.com/agent/us/ny/staten-island/terry-o-monroe-50s391ys000
Company name: Alberto Daniels: Allstate Insurance
Google maps rating: 4.6
Address: 1267 Forest Ave
Contact phone: +1 718-447-0900
Website: https://agents.allstate.com/alberto-daniels-staten-island-ny.html
Company name: Liability Car Insurance
Google maps rating: 5
Address: Insurance broker · 245 Richmond Hill Rd
Contact phone: +1 718-971-9281
Website: https://www.gmilife.com/


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